MDG Advertising created this useful infographic on the ROI of Social Media. The next time you have to answer the, “Is social media marketing effective?” question, you can steal a stat or two from this infographic. Just make sure you cite the source to keep everyone happy.

roi of social media


The good folks at Atlanta-based Scribit shared this great infographic on The Content Marketing Explosion (originally created by BlueGrass Interactive). I’m always looking for great stats on content marketing and this infographic has some great information packed in a pretty, easy-to-read format. Feel free to cite the stats in your next presentation on content marketing. And if you need help populating your sites with great content, you might want to check out what Scribit has to offer.

Content Marketing Explosion


Don’t mix personal and professional social media. This happens all the time - somebody tweets something from the brand’s social page that they meant to share via their personal account. It’s so easy to avoid these incidents - don’t manage personal and professional social media in the same client. I use one Twitter client for my personal and one for my professional. In some cases, I’ll use a separate platform or client for an individual client (so I don’t tweet one client’s message via another client’s account). No matter how good you think you are at keeping things separate, you’re going to screw it up some day. Protect yourself from yourself - don’t mix and mingle you’re personal and professional accounts.

In case you missed it last night, a member of KitchenAid’s social media team thought it would be funny to make a joke about how President Obama’s grandmother died just days before he took office. The staffer thought they were using a personal account, but instead tweeted the insensitive remark via KitchenAid’s Twitter account. Within minutes, KitchenAid was in the crosshairs of angry tweeters upset with the remark.

I would suggest you don’t make fun of anybody’s dead grandma as a general rule of thumb. Of course, the real lesson here is to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Don’t mix personal and professional social media.


Creative Sandbox by Google

Google recently debuted its Creative Sandbox. The Creative Sandbox by Google showcases a variety of Creative campaigns from all walks of life. If you’re looking for a little inspiration before heading into your next brainstorming session, check out the collection of campaigns Google has pulled together on this site. It’s a pretty impressive mix of work.


Andre Bourque shared a great example of how Pinterest Launched a Company over on Social Media Today. Not only is this a great story of Pinterest in action, but Andre does a fantastic job breaking things down in this post. If you’re trying to help a business understand the potential applications of Pinterest for driving transactions, this is a great example to reference. Check it out.